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What Is Modern SEO?

And How Can It Help My Business?

Find out what modern SEO means, and how you can use one unique fact to get better results for your business.

You know SEO has evolved

Search Engine Optimization used to be all about the keywords. Ask any SEO expert and they’ll tell you it used to be simple: get a good domain name, populate the meta with keywords and submit it straight to the search engines. In fact, many SEO experts used to make a decent living by offering these services.

Yet this system was easy to exploit, and produced bad search results. So when search engines updated, placing keywords on a page wasn’t enough. Instead, it became all about getting links. SEO experts would set up elaborate link-swapping schemes, and link-farms were a lucrative business.

But that’s all over. Search engines are now smarter than ever before. They are learning how to read the web the same way that you do – not just looking at the keywords in the code, but actually mimicking how people “see” a page.

What does this mean for your business?

Think about how much time and effort goes into building your website. It can be be substantial. But once it’s done, those are “sunk costs” that you never have to pay again. So every bit of revenue – every sale, every client , every ad click you get – makes your initial investment worth even more.

But the SEO evolution changes all this in one swift move.

It means SEO is now mandatory

Suddenly, your website is not a sunk cost. Now it takes hours – or even days – to get it ready for the latest iteration of search engine rules.

And you must know what you’re doing in advance

When running a business, the most valuable asset is your time.

And you never have enough time! You’re always busy looking after things. So anything that takes your attention away from your business – or away from your precious free time – is horrible and must be eliminated.

This means that you can not afford to charge into SEO without knowing what you are doing.

But there’s one secret that helps

And that secret is learning to write for humans. Discovering how they scan a page, what they pay attention to – and what they ignore.

But there are literally thousands of websites, white papers and blogs dedicated to modern SEO. Do you really want to wade through all that material? It could take you years to get up to speed. And by then, things would have changed – and again you’d be left struggling to catch up. So, is it really worth it?

You need to fast-track your understanding, without wasting time.

And I can show you how it works

Get Better Traffic gives you years of SEO understanding all at once. It also delivers agency-quality tactics and tips on how people read on the web – and how you can write to meet their needs.

Get Better Traffic cuts through the technical jargon and tells you exactly what to write – and how to write it – with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

In fact, I’m so certain you’ll be able to get better traffic, that I’m giving you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee:

And it’s 100% risk-free

If you can’t implement just one of the strategies my book gives you, then write me an email telling me your circumstances and including your PayPal receipt within 30 days and I will refund your money.

Here’s what you get with Get Better Traffic


  • Solutions to common challenges faced by small business pursuing online promotion
  • Time-saving strategic plans with step-by-step instructions for fast implementation
  • Special exercise sections that build understanding of SEO faster
  • A complete glossary covering any technical terms you may need to know

Get Better Traffic is SEO made simple

Get Better Traffic gives you instant access to the SEO details you need to build your online success.

Just imagine:

  • no more scrambling through blogs and forums looking for hidden secrets
  • instant access to proven solutions that improve your readability and your rankings
  • simple structures to enhance your understanding faster
  • selecting the methods that matter to you – the methods that work
  • a personal guarantee that you can implement at least one of these professional solutions

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